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Passport is an intense struggle against other teams, cartel, sicarios, and the rugged terrain itself.  Here is the gear you must have in the morning before entering the event.

Clothing 2.png


  • No specific color or camouflage required

  • clothing to protect against brush and adverse terrain

  • Event appropriate clothing such as good boots

  • Hat/sun protection



A backpack is a required piece or gear for every player attending a passport event. Besides provisions needed players will have to stow intel gathered in backpack as their team captures objectives



  • 1 Gallon or 8 water bottles 

  • Field edible food for the day

  • Red dead rag

  • Airsoft equipment for the day like extra magazines 

  • Airsoft BB's (only BB's purchased at event are permitted)


We also highly suggest you also bring ​

  • More water

  • Electrolytes 

  • 8+ magazines 

  • Spare battery 

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