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When a player or any of their gear is struck by a BB, or is in the “kill” range of a grenade (10ft unless behind hard cover such as a rock bigger than the person, any fragmentation counts as a hit) they are hit. When hit, players should call out “Hit!”, take out their dead rag (worn on head or shoulders), and take a knee or other non fighting stance to avoid being continually shot.

Dead Man Tell No Tales

“Hit” players can not talk or relay information other than to call for buddy aid or to reply to a team leader role call.

Wounded In Action

“Hit” players can not move except for being gathered by team leader after being squad wiped or if “ghosting.” They may be pulled to cover, a distance of no greater than 10ft to recieve aid.


If a team runs out of buddy aid and has a hit player, the player will then “ghost” their team. This means they will keep wearing their dead rag making it obvious they are hit and not fighting while following within 30 yards of the “Live” players until they can be reset with the team.

Buddy Aid

“Hit” players can be brought back into the game in 2 ways. A team member can provide buddy aid with a bandage or by being “reset” by the team leader after being either squad wiped, capturing a point, or as squad leader determines to be necessary.


After being squad wiped or immediately after resetting a captured point, the team leader can “reset” the team. When called by the team leader, all players will gather on him and take a knee. Dead rags must stay on. At this point they can reload, take off bandages, and game plan the next move.

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